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Welcome to Online Mediation. We provide a range of services relating to Online Workplace Mediation in Potters Bar.

Whether you are looking for assistance with a civil or commercial matter, have had a problem within the workplace or need help resolving a family matter we are here to help.

Our mediators cover the whole of the UK including Potters Bar. We have been providing Online Workplace Mediation services for several years in a cost-effective and confidential manner, covering every type of commercial, workplace, employment, family and neighbour dispute, with a very high success rate.

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Civil & Commercial Mediation in Potters Bar

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Civil and Commercial Mediation is one of the most cost-effective alternative dispute resolution forms for resolving civil and commercial disputes between two or more parties. In civil mediation, an independent person, who has no personal stake in the matter, facilitate the conflicting party to find out a solution themselves rather than going to the Court.

Typical cases that we see include:

Contractual Disputes

Contractual can arise if the event of a real or perceived failure by one or more of the parties involved satisfying the contracts’ terms. Contractual dispute includes the failure by one party to meet expectations.

Boundary Disputes

Boundary Disputes happen when two individuals both accept they reserve the privilege to a piece of land. Disputes start when one individual sets up a fence or divider ashore which someone else thought had a place with them.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and Tenant Disputes often arise between landlords and tenants on issues surrounding rent, disrepair, rights, obligations, deposits and service charges.

Workplace Mediation in Potters Bar

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There are a variety of levels of workplace mediation; most prominent is disputes between employees or between employees and employer used for restoring the working relationship and addressing behaviour problems. An independent mediator assists and facilitates both sides of the dispute to engage in constructive structural negotiation and find out a solution to the issue which is acceptable to all parties involved.

We have specialised in workplace mediation resolving issues such as disputes between employees or between employees and employer used for restoring the working relationship and addressing behaviour problems

  • Allegations of bullying and harassment
  • Breakdown of personal relationships at work
  • Personality clash
  • Line management tensions
  • Grievances in response to management style on performance management
  • Attitude, communication and behavioural issues
  • Change management and restructure
  • Group & team issues
  • Perceived discrimination and cultural conflicts.

We have a 95% success rate and take on complex conflicts and sensitive issues, including mediation between senior management, whistleblowing issues, reinstatement, equality & diversity issues, international staff and cultural conflict, sexual harassment, and breakdown of personal relationships at work.

Family Mediation in Potters Bar

In detail…

Family Mediation, this is often in the case of a divorce or separation where an outcome needs to be determined as to the future of any children, property or finance that is owned by the separating parties. Family mediation is a process of resolving family disputes by an independent, trained mediator to helps the splitting couples to find out a solution for the issues related to children, finance and another family-related matter. The mediator facilitates the negotiation to find a solution which works for both. In divorce or ending civil partnership cases, most of the time attending court hearing is not required but in cases where there are issues related to children and finances the Court will expect from the parties to consider mediation before applying to the court to hear their case.

Family mediation is where an independent, professionally trained mediator helps you and your ex to work out an agreement about issues such as:

  • Parenting arrangements for children after you break up
  • Child maintenance payments
  • Other finances (for example your house, savings, pension, or debts)

It can also be used to help with the other issues, such as your children keeping in touch with their grandparents, step families, or in-laws. Mediation can also be helpful when arrangements you’ve made before need to change, particularly as your children grow up.

If you go to court to sort out your issues, the judge will make the decisions. You will need to stick to these decisions even if one or both of you feel unhappy about them.

Mediation can help you stay in control. No-one will make you do anything against your wishes. The mediator will help you find a solution which works for you both and explain how you can make an agreement legally binding.

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